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Dante’s Inferno Signature

I loved playing the game, in fact I beat it in about eight hours!  I had to make a tag based off this game.  Originally, the character has a red hue to him, and the cross is all red.  I manipulated it around, and made it blend with the background, which was made from scratch.  I used a piece of foil for texture, and added stocks and C4D’s until satisfied.  Topaz Clean is a great tool, when used right.  Please let me know what you think of this.



Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Siggy

Just playing around with what Topaz Clean can do. This kind of turned out as a dual focal, please let me know your thoughts. I have a little extra time this week, so if you would like something please let me know! I would be glad to help you out, making any Signatures (Sigs, Siggys), Avatars (AV), Banners, Logos, Business Cards, Greetings Cards, etc.