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Butterfly Signature and Avatar

By request, I made a purple butterfly sig/av pair.  Thoughts?



Gudda Gudda Signature

One of my favorite artists out of Young Money, Gudda Gudda!  If you have not heard of him, you are missing out!  His first solo mixtape, Guddaville, was an instant classic the second it dropped.  Feel free to wear this if you like it, and please don’t forget to let me know your thoughts.

And in case other designers want this Gudda Gudda render, I figured I would share.  Click the image to enlarge


Sig Designer of the Year – Round 2

Well, I made it on to the next round of the Sig Designer of the Year competition being held by HiddenDesigners.  Pretty stiff competition, and a lot of great artists.  Here is potentially my entry for round 2.  I have a few days before it is due, so I will be making at least one more to pick from.  I call this tag “Flying High”…I think that it turned out pretty cool.  Please let me know your honest thoughts on it!

Flying High Signature SDOTY


Power13 Signature

Made to fill a request made by Power13, a member of the best forum around: UNDERGROUND.MN


Signature Designer of the Year – Round 1

Here’s my entry to round 1 of this interesting contest being held by HiddenDesigners.  1-on-1 Elimination style with 32 entrants.  Wish me luck!



Chaoz Signature

Chaoz requested a signature based on Aion, the video game. Here’s my attempt, let me know what you think.

Pink SOTW Entry

This is my entry in Hidden Designer’s “Sig Of The Week” (SOTW) contest. If you want to see who I’m up against, follow this link. Please let me know what you think 🙂

Here’s the original image used too, as I think there was quite a change.

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Siggy

Just playing around with what Topaz Clean can do. This kind of turned out as a dual focal, please let me know your thoughts. I have a little extra time this week, so if you would like something please let me know! I would be glad to help you out, making any Signatures (Sigs, Siggys), Avatars (AV), Banners, Logos, Business Cards, Greetings Cards, etc.

Super Snowboarder Signature

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Well I made this for the Signature of the Week (SOTW) Contest held over at The theme for the contest entries was “Winter”, and I thought snowboarder! As always, please post your comments and criticism!

Super Snowboarder Signature