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Book of Eli Signature Tutorial

I won the SOTW contest at Premium Renders for this tag.  I believe this may help anyone getting into GFX, or graphics arts, so I put it together.  Feel free to share this with others, but please leave my name and credits in-tact.



Magic Crystal Ball Signature

I made this for the Signature of the Week contest held at HiddenDesigners.  I had a lot of fun manipulating this photo, and I think it’s quite a bit different from the original, what do you think?


Eye of the Tiger Signature

Perfecting my manipulation skills when it comes to eyes.  This one turned out pretty cool.  If you like it, please comment or rate.

Big Boi Signature

I just was seeing if I could make a signature in under ten minutes, and this is what the results were.  Please tell me your thoughts 🙂  Big Boi is one half of the former rap group, Outkast, one of the best groups to date.  Still rockin their jams, lots of classics.


Dante’s Inferno Signature

I loved playing the game, in fact I beat it in about eight hours!  I had to make a tag based off this game.  Originally, the character has a red hue to him, and the cross is all red.  I manipulated it around, and made it blend with the background, which was made from scratch.  I used a piece of foil for texture, and added stocks and C4D’s until satisfied.  Topaz Clean is a great tool, when used right.  Please let me know what you think of this.


Eye of the Beholder Signature

I used this in the current round of the SDOTY (Signature Designer of the Year) contest over at  With the theme being photo manipulation, I believe that this eye manipulation will do well in the contest.  Please let me know your thoughts.


Lil’ Wayne – The Sendoff

By request, a cover for a mixtape of Lil’ Wayne’s newest tracks.


Yoda Flippin The Bird

I had fun making this for a friend by request, please let me know what your thoughts are.


Top 100 Graphics Design Blogs

I just had to share this with my readers.  It is an amazing list, and has shown me a few new sites that will be added to my favorites.  Noupe is one in particular that every GFX’r should go check out.   Simply Amazing!

Angry Baby Signature

I’ve been playing around with eyes, please let me know what you think of this.