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Had to start with something I knew since I’ve been away for a minute.  Please let me know if you think I’ve still got it 😉



An Apology

I just felt it necessary to write this to those of you who continue to visit the site.  I really appreciate it!  Even in my absence, the hits have been growing.  I have been inactive over the last month because of two factors.  First, my schooling has become a little more exhaustive than previously imagined, and my business role has shifted recently.  Both of which will be behind me in due time.  For now, if you would like to see where my work efforts have been spent, please visit  I’ve been busy there making the largest online database of phone guides and manuals ever, and at the same time have it controllable through a user base, globally manageable, and built on the Joomla! system.

School is going good.  This semester looks like I will be able to acquire two A’s.  About half-way done with these courses, and  then on to the next.  University of Phoenix online is where I am taking courses, and so far I have been enjoying the experience.  Save from one grade that was below my standards of approval, I have received all A’s and two B’s.  In a very short time, I will have my Graphics Design degree that I have been wanting.  So if anyone out there wants to hire an aspiring, accomplished, and experienced Graphics Designer please contact me!  You never know, right?   My program is for the Associate of Arts with a focus on Graphic Communication and Web Design.  Hopefully I will have some doors open for me then, before going the next step and ;acquiring the next level of degree.

I’ll be designing some pieces very soon, as I am missing the thrill of it.  Thanks for reading this!  Please check back and comment often.