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SDOTY Voting Round 2

Well, the voting has begun for the SDOTY contest at HiddenDesigners.  Please go vote, I could use the help very much!



Capital Punishment

I am curious to see what response I get from posting this for everyone to see.  This is an assignment in a current course of mine through the University of Phoenix.  Please let me know your thoughts on the topic.

Many issues come from the question, “should the U.S. continue to use capital punishment?”  Whether the use of lethal injection as the practiced method for death penalty.  Whether some states can broaden the crimes punishable by death.  Whether to have those sentenced to death are left in prison for life instead.  I believe these to be the principal issues raised from the debatable question of capital punishment.

Lethal injection is not a highly regarded method for the death penalty.  It is amazing that doctors are not performing, nor consulting, the executions; rather simply “qualified” technicians become executioners.  As for the types of pharmaceuticals used, “any qualified anesthesiologist could propose more reliable techniques” (Bonchek, 2007 p4) for capital punishment.  The drugs being administered should go under review by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and all state departments of health.  With the technology available today, the United States should pursue an updated, more humane, method, and enforce this once available.

I believe in a true democracy of the land, where those who vote determine the course of action.  If certain states vote to expand the crimes punishable by death, then enforcing it should be mandatory.  In 1995, Louisiana became the first state to restore capital punishment for the rape of a child under 12, and shortly thereafter followed suit by Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas (Savage, David G. 2008).  Crimes against humanity, such as rape, and murder, deserve capital punishment.  Capital punishment is a debatable topic, with supporters on either side.  It is my belief that certain crimes definitely call for capital punishment.  I expect to see more states legalizing this form of punishment for additional types of crime; especially with the national prison overcrowding that is currently happening.

According to a research document written by Paul Cohan, and Kenneth wood, the average cost to house an inmate in 1993 ranged from $20,000, to $40,000 U.S. tax-payer dollars (Cohan,P. & Wood,K. 1993).  Albeit hard to put a price on any person’s life, it does come into account when referring to those already sentenced to death.  In 2009, 52 inmates were executed (Snell, Tracy L. 2008); according to Cohan and Kenneth’s math, this could potentially cost more than two million dollars.  Of those executed, all but one was conducted by lethal injection; Virginia performed one execution by electric chair.

With the science available to doctors, the United States should research a more humane, respectable method.  If the voters decide to include certain crimes to be punishable by this measure, then I believe that this should be enforced.  I believe that after one is sentenced to death, the punishment should be handled rather efficiently, instead of have one wait on death row for years.

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Coding Skin

Just a little skin made for a cracker that I know…

In The Spotlight Signature

Haven’t decided if this will be my entry for the SDOTY.  Please let me know your thoughts



Telecom Gear Advertisement

An ad that I made for my company:


Sig Designer of the Year – Round 2

Well, I made it on to the next round of the Sig Designer of the Year competition being held by HiddenDesigners.  Pretty stiff competition, and a lot of great artists.  Here is potentially my entry for round 2.  I have a few days before it is due, so I will be making at least one more to pick from.  I call this tag “Flying High”…I think that it turned out pretty cool.  Please let me know your honest thoughts on it!

Flying High Signature SDOTY


SOTW Winner!

I won the SOTW #64 contest at PremiumRenders with the following tag from the Book of Eli


Two Beautiful Women Renders

I have never rendered images before, rather just used ones made from members of the community.  Figured I would learn how to do this better though.  The first one was rather simple, but the hair on the second one is giving me fits.  Please give me some tips on how to improve.


Beautiful Woman Render #2


Power13 Signature

Made to fill a request made by Power13, a member of the best forum around: UNDERGROUND.MN


Military Signature

The render is a character from Hellgate:London.  Made this for a SOTW contest at PremiumRenders based on military, any branch. CnC Please.  You can see who I’m up against by clicking here.