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Book of Eli Signature Tutorial

I won the SOTW contest at Premium Renders for this tag.  I believe this may help anyone getting into GFX, or graphics arts, so I put it together.  Feel free to share this with others, but please leave my name and credits in-tact.



Charles Woodson Signature Tutorial

Again, this is a little older of a tutorial, but I believe that it still is helpful. I would rank this a little above beginner status, but you let me know.

Charles Woodson Signature Tutorial - Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop – Hitman Signature Tutorial

Another one of my tutorials, but I actually made this one a little while ago.  Felt that it belonged on here too, so please let me know your thoughts on it!  I’d love to see your results.

Adobe Photoshop - Hitman Signature Tutorial


Mother Nature Signature Tutorial

In an effort to continue making tutorials, I decided that this was a good tag to elaborate with. I hope that anyone who follows this will post their results. Please feel free to share, but leave the credits intact.

Mother Nature Signature Tutorial

Alternatively, you can view it through my DeviantArt account by clicking here. Or view and post at the Underground by clicking here.

Download Link


Jon Lester Signature Tutorial

Here is a tutorial that I’ve made for the Jon Lester Signature that I made. It did turn out really neat, and I was just kinda free-styling it. You are free to share and share alike, but please DO NOT EDIT this tutorial, and make sure to leave credit for me, Agent_Nothing. Since this is free, I would at least like to maintain the credit for it!

I will be posting this at Underground.MN, the home of Team iNJECTiON, as well as PlR, PrR, HD, and GFXR (the gfx community). Please let me know what you think of the tut.

Jon Lester Signature Tutorial