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Jon Lester Signature Tutorial

Here is a tutorial that I’ve made for the Jon Lester Signature that I made. It did turn out really neat, and I was just kinda free-styling it. You are free to share and share alike, but please DO NOT EDIT this tutorial, and make sure to leave credit for me, Agent_Nothing. Since this is free, I would at least like to maintain the credit for it!

I will be posting this at Underground.MN, the home of Team iNJECTiON, as well as PlR, PrR, HD, and GFXR (the gfx community). Please let me know what you think of the tut.

Jon Lester Signature Tutorial


Jon Lester Signature

Made by request for FlowIsV from Jon Lester is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. CnC welcome and appreciated