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Butterfly Signature and Avatar

By request, I made a purple butterfly sig/av pair.  Thoughts?



The Crazies Signature and Avatar

One of the best movies this year and it’s a zombie flick to boot!  By request, I’ve made this shot from the Crazies movie into a signature and avatar.  Let me know if you want any graphic design work done.  I’m unemployed and looking for work, although simple signatures I do for free.  Contact me by e-mail at


Redhot Signature and Avatar

This was a request made within the Underground Forum.  The image was supplied, but I used a little creative touch.


Rei Anime Signature & Avatar

I’m not much for anime myself.  However, when asked, I think I can still put together a nice lookin signature.  I made this for a friend of mine named Rei, a moderator at the best forum around: Underground.MN.  Please let me know what you think of this.


Shakangirl Silent Hill Sig & Av

Made by request….kind of a different style, let me know what you think.





MizzDH Fantasy Signature & Avatar

Made by request for MizzDH, a Moderator at the Underground Forum.  This is an awesome image to begin with, so most of the credit belongs here.


Original Image:

Matching Avatar:


Linkin Park Signature & Avatar

Sara Signature & Avatar

Just a gift that I made during a little insomnia….do I still have the eye when my eyes are nearly shut?

Jennifer Beals Signature & Avatar

Danielle requested that I make her signature based of the Actress Jennifer Beals. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

Dysfunction Olly ASM Avatar

By request for the leader of Team iNFECTiON