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Book Of Eli SOTW Entry

I made this for my entry into Premium Renders’ SOTW #64 contest. You can view all the other entrants by clicking here.





Mother Nature Signature Tutorial

In an effort to continue making tutorials, I decided that this was a good tag to elaborate with. I hope that anyone who follows this will post their results. Please feel free to share, but leave the credits intact.

Mother Nature Signature Tutorial

Alternatively, you can view it through my DeviantArt account by clicking here. Or view and post at the Underground by clicking here.

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Metallica (James Hetfield) Signature & Avatar

Made by request of Beltagor, one of the members of UF’s Uploader team. Please let me know your thoughts!



SOTW #19 Winner

Well, the title sounds better than it is…I won third place though! Better than nothing, and looking back at it, I should have touched up a few things. Thanks to all that voted at Hidden Designers (HD)! Anyways…Here it is for your considerations:

Drew Brees Signature

I am going to do a few signatures in honor of those that made it to the big game this year! The Super Bowl XLIV is looking like it will be a very great game. Drew Brees will be leading the Saints to a victory, hopefully! Who dat, who dat, who dat think they beat them SAINTS!

Mother Nature Signature

Feeling pretty sick today, but I was bored. Figured I’d try something a little different. Please tell me what you think.

Left 4 Dead 2 Hunter Signature

Title says it all, made by request for Saduff

Floral Beauty

Just messing around on Sunday morning

World War II Signature

I made this as an entry to Hidden Designer’s SOTW #19. Please let me know your thoughts.

Here’s the original image used: CLICK HERE

Left 4 Dead 2 Signature and Avatar

Title says it all, please let me know what you think