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The Letter R

Generally not a style that I have used in the past but that will soon change.  I like the effect that turned out with this wallpaper.  The flourish may be a little too much, I’ll have to play around with it and see what else comes of it.  Please let me know what you think of this, and if you would like the wallpaper feel free to use it.

Click the image to view in full-size



Eye of the Beholder Signature

I used this in the current round of the SDOTY (Signature Designer of the Year) contest over at  With the theme being photo manipulation, I believe that this eye manipulation will do well in the contest.  Please let me know your thoughts.


Pink SOTW Entry

This is my entry in Hidden Designer’s “Sig Of The Week” (SOTW) contest. If you want to see who I’m up against, follow this link. Please let me know what you think 🙂

Here’s the original image used too, as I think there was quite a change.

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Siggy

Just playing around with what Topaz Clean can do. This kind of turned out as a dual focal, please let me know your thoughts. I have a little extra time this week, so if you would like something please let me know! I would be glad to help you out, making any Signatures (Sigs, Siggys), Avatars (AV), Banners, Logos, Business Cards, Greetings Cards, etc.

Jennifer Beals Signature & Avatar

Danielle requested that I make her signature based of the Actress Jennifer Beals. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

CODYQX4 Signature and Avatar

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When people take the time to think of what they actually want, I think the signature generally turns out better. Cody, a new Mod at the Underground wrote the following: “I was thinking something with the shadow figure that represents a stranger, in a small neighborhood at night with a full moon that has my username and says “Your friendly neighborhood psychopath”” Without further waiting, here is my take on the request. Keep in mind that the clear shape shows through to the forum’s background. CODYQX4 Signature and Avatar

CODYQX4 Signature and Avatar

Please take a few seconds and post your thoughts! I greatly appreciate any and all Comments or Criticism.