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Pin-up Signature

Made this one by request for a user of the Underground, ilmd.  It was fun trying to portray the pinup feel…how do you think I did?  I’m not usually for the stars, but anything is possible in Photoshop when requested.


Signature Animated:

Original Image:




Gudda Gudda Signature

One of my favorite artists out of Young Money, Gudda Gudda!  If you have not heard of him, you are missing out!  His first solo mixtape, Guddaville, was an instant classic the second it dropped.  Feel free to wear this if you like it, and please don’t forget to let me know your thoughts.

And in case other designers want this Gudda Gudda render, I figured I would share.  Click the image to enlarge


Prince of Persia Signature

Had the urge to make a new signature.  Trying out a new style of text, not sure if I like it yet.  Please let me know your thoughts.