Agent_Nothing's GFX mind thru photoshop

Photo Editing

Photography Retouching

I went about retouching this photo to be included within my Graphics Design portfolio.  After clearing it with Rachel, the woman in the photograph, I will share it with you.  Please let me know your thoughts.  I believe that I have effectively cleaned this photo to a print quality but would love to hear your comments or critique.

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Finished Product

Original Photo:



Wedding Film Roll

I made this as a gift for my cousin Rob’s birthday.  It was a challenge to achieve the proper proportions throughout the roll of film.  I believe this turned out very well though and others might entertain this idea in the future.  Remember, I’m available for part-time Graphics Design work whenever necessary, or full-time if you know of any openings.

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Robert and Casondra Mossuto Wedding Photo

The original photo was very dark because of the clouds during their wedding.  There was a couple of imperfections in the photo as well.  I fixed this one up and removed the imperfections, making this photo nearly frame-able.  Please let me know what you think.

Additionally, if you have wedding photos that you would like touched up, please feel free to contact me.

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Pencil Drawing

Neat and simple effect that drastically changes a photo.  What do you think?

Chris Johnson – Rolling Stone Cover

Chris Johnson just won the ESPY award for the Best Breakout Athlete tonight.  I decided to have a little fun and see what a Rolling Stone cover would look like if Chris Johnson were to grace the cover….and if I worked for Rolling Stone I guess too ha.  I can wish though.  Please let me know what you think of this GFX photo manipulation.

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Original Image retrieved from

The Cousins

There is very little opportunities in which all of my cousins are in the same place.  This picture is of us all, except for Kristi.  The original was very blurry and I tried to clean it up rather quickly.  Photo manipulation, sure, but more photo editing.  Please let me know how you think I did.  Click on the image for full size.