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WhiteWitch Signature

A signature made to fill a request by whitewitch.  Image can be found at FreeDigitalPhotos.






Gudda Gudda Signature

One of my favorite artists out of Young Money, Gudda Gudda!  If you have not heard of him, you are missing out!  His first solo mixtape, Guddaville, was an instant classic the second it dropped.  Feel free to wear this if you like it, and please don’t forget to let me know your thoughts.

And in case other designers want this Gudda Gudda render, I figured I would share.  Click the image to enlarge


The Crazies Signature and Avatar

One of the best movies this year and it’s a zombie flick to boot!  By request, I’ve made this shot from the Crazies movie into a signature and avatar.  Let me know if you want any graphic design work done.  I’m unemployed and looking for work, although simple signatures I do for free.  Contact me by e-mail at


Redhot Signature and Avatar

This was a request made within the Underground Forum.  The image was supplied, but I used a little creative touch.


Shakan Signature and Avatar

Trying a little different of style for a female tag.  Please let me know your thoughts.



Lotus Elise Signature

The request was for a green signature. I had fun making this one.  I’ve also posted the original so you can see the modification.

Link to the original render


Jennifer Beals Signature & Avatar

Danielle requested that I make her signature based of the Actress Jennifer Beals. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

Danielle Signature & Avatar

A signature that I made for a moderator at the Underground.

Team iNJECTiON’s New Leader!

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I just felt like posting this to my blog. It became official yesterday that I am the new leader of Team iNJECTiON, the best GFX team on the net! We’re based outta Underground.MN, stop by and check us out! Lot’s of talented GFX’rs, and I will hope to be frequent GFX contests and competitions. Oooohhh…I feel drunk with power! LOL, not really. I’m looking forward to keepin the Underground rockin like it always has.